Founded in Milan in 1937, Mapei is today’s world leader in the production of adhesives and chemical products for building.

Starting in the 1960’s Mapei put its strategy of internationalization into action in order to have maximum proximity to the needs of local markets and reduce shipping costs to a minimum.

The Group now counts 70 subsidiaries with 64 production facilities in operation over 31 countries and 5 continents.

Mapei has always placed great emphasis on research. In fact, the Group invests 12% of its company’s total work-force and 5% of its turnover in R&D; in particular, 70% of its R&D efforts are directed to develop eco-sustainable and environmentally friendly products which meet LEED requirements. Furthermore, Mapei has developed a sales and technical service network with offices all over the world and offers an efficient Technical Assistance Service that is valued by architects, engineers, contractors and owners.

Mapei Group Figures:
• 2.3 billion turnover in 2013
• 64 plants worldwide
• more than 1500 products
• 7500 employees
• more than 60000 customers worldwide

Mapei has built its strategy along three principal guidelines:
 SPECIALIZATION: Mapei offers a vast range of specific, technologically advanced products to satisfy any possible need of its customers.
 RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: every year Mapei invests 5% of its annual turnover and employs 12% of its workforce in research. In addition to its 64 quality control labs, Mapei has 10 research and development laboratories: in Milan, Villadossola (Italy), Treviso (Italy), Laval (Canada), Deerfield Beach, Winterhaven, Dalton (USA), Sagstua (Norway), Wiesbaden (Germany) and Toulose (France).
 INTERNATIONALIZATION: starting in the 1960’s Mapei put its strategy of internationalization into action. Its basic strategy is always the same: maximum proximity to the needs of local markets and reduction of logistic costs to a minimum.

Mapei manufactures the following product lines:
• Products for Ceramics and Stone Materials
• Products for Resilient and Textile Materials
• Products for wooden floor
• Products for Cementitious and Resin Flooring
• Wall Protective and Decorative Coatings
• Products for Building
• Products for the repair of Masonry
• Products for Structural Strengthening
• Elastic Sealants and Adhesives
• Products for Thermal Insulation
• Products for Waterproofing
• Products for Underground Constructions
• Admixtures for Concrete
• Grinding Aids for Cement
• Products for Acoustic Insulation

In Asia Pacific, Mapei has made its presence felt since 1989 when Mapei Far East Pte Ltd was constituted to develop the company’s business in the region. With the aim of further expansion in Asia, together with the already existing branches/plants in China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Korea, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand, on 4th March, 2011it established a subsidiary in Bangalore, India under the name ‘Mapei Construction Products India Pvt Ltd’. With an initial 17000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art factory in the industrial area of Bangalore focussing on the following product lines:
• Ceramic line (Selected products)
• Admixtures for Cement
• Admixtures for Concrete

All other products from the Mapei international product range will be available, through Mapei India based on imports from Europe/Middle East/Singapore/Malaysia.

Today, India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and the building industry contributes a huge percentage towards the growth. Mapei India focuses, in the first phase, to meet the needs of the home market for admixtures for concrete, materials for underground construction, grinding aids, Specialized Waterproofing and of course the growing need for ceramics and stone materials.
After stabilizing its position in the market with the above product groups, Mapei India will enter into the other areas of Specialized Floorings, Sealants, Repairs & Strengthening and many other value added products.

We are confident that the excellence of Mapei Solutions has already been noted in India. It will be in step with Asia Pacific’s growth and development as a “one-stop partner for construction needs from start to finish.”


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